Our Holiday Pitch

Let’s be honest.
Stockings aren’t just for kids anymore.

Whether you admit it or not, you know perfectly well that the grown-ups in your tribe are nowhere near letting go of the “stockings hung by the chimney with care” tradition.

Everyone loves stuff. Little stuff.Orange pic
While oranges, travel toothpaste, emery boards, breath mints, embellished pencils, slipper sox, candy canes, stamps, baseball cards, apples, post-it notes, Chapstick, notepads, dental floss, fashion tape and eyeglass screwdriver kits are perfectly acceptable stocking stuffers, who wouldn’t prefer a nine-day, outdoor party?

Everyone knows a Riverfest nerd.
And because we suspect you may be experiencing gifting fatigue, we’ve launched our early bird button presale even earlier, specifically with your zipline-riding, corndog addict in mind.

Buying presale buttons is a piece of (funnel) cake. Just visit our friends at SelectASeat.com, purchase adult buttons for the $7 early bird price, print your receipt, roll that sucker up—slap some ribbon on it, if you’re fancy—and slide it right into your Riverfest fan’s stocking. (If the stocking has a kid’s name on it, the button price is just $3 and will stay that way through the festival.)

Your delighted giftee can attach that receipt to the fridge with an Elvis or Strawberry Shortcake magnet.
Then, starting April 11, they can bring it to our office at 444 E. William or Intrust Bank Arena box office and trade it for a shiny, new, collectible button, good for admission to Riverfest 2016, June 3-11. Think of the anticipation!

Well, there’s our holiday pitch.
We know it’s old school. We know it’s low tech.
We hope you’ll fall for it, and share the Riverfest love.

Happy Holidays!

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