Admiral’s Adventures: An Incredible Ride

Admiral Windwagon Smith XLII Mike Greene has been keeping us up-to-date with Riverfest 2015 via his wonderful blog posts. Here, he shares an overview of the busiest week of his life!

What an incredible ride! We all survived Riverfest 2015, with so many fond memories. The week started off with the Admirals Breakfast, and ended with an absolutely incredible fireworks display the likes of which this City hasn’t seen before.

Admiral and the SwagmobileSo where to begin? The first day of the festival, the Schooner Mates had a gift for me, which at the time was a novelty, but turned out to be the best tool for this Admiral. It was a selfie stick! What a HOOT it was!

I wound up carrying it with me wherever we went, and at times would hand it off to one of the Schoonies when I needed my hands free! Took pictures of crowds, groups, and individuals when out and about mingling with the attendees.

At the end of the day back up in the room, I would go through the day via the pictures taken that day, and soon discovered that while the Admiral was away, the Schoonies would play and what fun they had with the phone. I would sit in the room, and just smile and laugh at the group and individual selfies I would find on the phone.

The bond grew quickly and friendships flourished during the week. After the Admirals Dinner on Sunday I came back to discover the six-passenger cart that was assigned to the Admiral had been transformed into the Swagmobile! Not only that, but I was then known by the Schoonies as the Swagmiral, and the bond was complete. There was no doubt this was going to be a journey that would be the best anyone could hope for.

There were three things I wanted to do while wearing “The Coat”:

  1. Zipline across the river (check!)
  2. Rappel off the Ambassador Hotel (check!)
  3. Ride the footprint on the Harley (check!)

I was able to do all three and had a blast while doing them!

My goal was to attend all of the more than 100 festival events. Well, I’m sorry to say, that goal was not accomplished. I made it to all but three events …

The Schooner Mates were the best any Admiral would ever want! We had more fun than I think any of us had expected. From dancing on the street during concerts, to doing the ‘YMCA’ on stage with the Village People, to playing Human Foosball, and so much more, we formed a bond that will always be there.

When we are asked if we enjoyed this year’s festival, here is the answer: From being piped aboard the Windwagon Friday morning, to the closing fireworks on second Saturday, we enjoyed every minute of it.

There just weren’t enough of them.


Button Up. Have a Blast!
Mike Greene
Admiral Windwagon Smith XLII

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